Developing and sustaining a safe and secure future for a family member with a disability is deeply challenging. We have developed a series of educational seminars, designed to assist families with children with developmental disabilities to plan for their future.

Who should attend?

Parents, Siblings, Persons with Disabilities, other interested family members, friends and service providers.

Overview Seminar Planning Workshop
Seminar topics include:
  • Critical Questions which need to be addressed before meeting with an attorney
  • Description of a special needs trust and the Kentucky pooled special needs trust
  • Information about publicly funded resources and their limitations
  • Listing of attorneys with expertise in this area and people who can assist with financial planning

Persons are required to attend an overview seminar before signing up for a planning workshop.

The workshop includes:
  • Guided process to start futures planning
  • Family mentors to provide information and assistance
  • Team approach - can invite other family members or friends to attend
  • A copy of the book Safe and Secure and a Resource Notebook for each team
Last Updated: June 23, 2006
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