Building a Relationship
Throughout the estate and futures planning process, we understand you may need additional information and/or resources, which is why we have identified several useful links and information. They are organized according to the planning timeline.

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Building a Relationship

Most people with disabilities will require support, in varying degrees, in the management and oversight of their daily lives. Developing a network or circle of support is of utmost importance as relationships are key to protecting and safeguarding the person’s health and well-being. While siblings can play a key role, parents who make assumptions about siblings’ involvement are doing both themselves and their children a disservice. This is too important a matter to leave to chance.

Intentionally creating and sustaining a small group of people who are committed to your family member with a disability is absolutely essential. Resources from PLAN (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network) at, including the books Safe and Secure and A Good Life and the “Peace of Mind” CD can provide a step by step process to develop a personal network.

Supportive Care in the Congregation published the Mennonite Mutual Aid is an excellent resource on how to organize support circles in faith communities. This book, as well as What Happens After We’re Gone: Estate Planning for Families in Which a Dependent Member Has a Disability or Mental Illness can be obtained from
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