Creating a Vision
Throughout the estate and futures planning process, we understand you may need additional information and/or resources, which is why we have identified several useful links and information. They are organized according to the planning timeline.

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Creating a Vision

Creating a vision for your family member’s future is the first and most important step to take in the planning process. A letter of intent can provide a simple and meaningful way for you to express your thoughts, dreams and wishes for your family member when you are no longer able to provide personal support and assistance.

Information on how to write a letter of support can be found in the books Safe and Secure and A Good Life published by PLAN (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network). PLAN has also produced a CD Rom entitled “Peace of Mind.” All of these resources can be ordered at “A Family Handbook on Futures Planning” by Sharon Davis published by The Arc of the U.S. ( also provides information that would be of assistance.

Additional resources regarding person-centered planning, which can be helpful in developing a vision for the future, can be found at Capacity Works (, Training Resource Network ( and Inclusion Press (

A Kentucky story illustrating the power of creating a vision for the future and then developing resources to support the vision has been written by Jackie Marquette about her son Trent Altman who has autism. This book, as well as other planning resources, can be ordered at Trent is also an artist and his artwork (Trent’s Prints) can be seen and purchased from this website as well.
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